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Corporate and Academic Governance at Nelson College London

Corporate Governance Arrangement


The Board of Governance is responsible for the oversight of Nelson College London subject to the ultimate authority of the Board of Directors. The Board advises the Principal and directors on strategy, risk, resourcing and employment matters, including the engagement of senior officers. Additionally, the Board seeks to ensure that the College is well-managed and delivering quality education in accordance with the expectations of students, awarding organisations, the Quality Assurance Agency, and statutory bodies.



11 excluding Chair (5 external members and 6 executive members)


Aaron Porter


Dr Shorful Islam Aaron Porter Coral Hill Carl Stychin Sarah Ryan Juliette Wagner


Geoffrey Alderman Nazim Uddin Athiqul Islam Shiraj Islam Aleksandra Osiniagova (Observer) David Douglas (Observer)


First Board meeting was held on 09/07/2014 Second Board meeting was held on 22/10/2014 Third Board meeting was held on 11/02/2015 Fourth Board meeting was held on 08/04/2015 Fifth Board meeting was held on 15/06/2015 Sixth Board meeting was held on 15/10/2015 Seventh Board meeting was held on 23/03/2016 Eighth Board meeting was held on 13/07/2016 Ninth Board meeting was held on 16/11/2016 Tenth Board meeting was held on 19/01/2017 Eleventh Board meeting was held on 04/04/2017 Twelfth Board meeting was held on 07/12/2017 Thirteenth Board meeting was held on 27/03/2018 Fourteenth Board meeting was held on 11/07/2018 Fifteenth Board meeting is scheduled for 06/12/2018


Principal's Executive Group The Principal's Executive Group advises the Principal on strategic decisions relating to the academic conduct and well-being of the College. Of itself it has no executive authority.

Academic Governance Arrangement


ACADEMIC BOARD The Academic Board is the guardian of academic standards at the College, and of the quality of the student learning experience. The Academic Board reports to the Board of Governance. Academic Planning Committee The Academic Planning Committee is responsible for academic portfolio planning and development and for making recommendations to the Academic Board on approval and re-approval of partners, with due consideration being given to the enhancement of quality and standards. The Academic Planning Committee reports to the Academic Board setting out proposals and recommendations for approval. Programme Committee A Programme Committee is formed for each HND Programme the College delivers. The Programme Committees report to the Academic Board and are responsible for managing the day-to-day academic quality and standards of the programmes, and for ensuring effective engagement with students on programme-related matters. Quality Assurance and Enhancement Committee The Quality Assurance and Enhancement Committee is responsible for ensuring that the College’s quality assurance systems meet the expectations of the UK Quality Code, awarding bodies, students and other internal and external stakeholders. The Quality Assurance and Enhancement Committee report to the Academic Board. Course Committee A Course Committee is formed for each London Met Course the College delivers. Course Committees are an important element of the quality assurance and enhancement cycle. Academic Assessment Panel The Academic Assessment Panel is responsible for overseeing all assessment decisions and awards at the College including the consideration of requirements for re-submissions and re-sits. The Academic Assessment Panel reports to the Academic Board. Subject Standard Board A Subject Standards Board is an Assessment Board for a clearly delineated group of modules which may contribute to one or more courses, responsible to the Academic Board. It shall operate within the University’s Academic Regulations and Procedures and guidelines determined from time to time by the Academic Board. Progression Board A Progression Board meeting should be held prior to the commencement of teaching for the academic year two. The aim of the Progression Board is to review the students’ academic performance in order to make progression decisions from year one to year two. The progression Board reports to the Academic Board. Student Representatives Committee The Student Representatives Committee provides a forum in which students can express their views on their learning experience at the College. The Student Representatives Committee reports to the Academic Board.


Chair of the Board of Governance:

Aaron Porter

Aaron Porter, BA FRSA. He works extensively with universities and other higher education bodies across the UK balancing two primary executive roles with the Leadership Foundation for Higher Education and the Hotcourses Group as well as a number of non executive positions and advisory roles. He was previously President of the National Union of Students (2010-11) and has served in a non-executive capacity on the board of HEFCE, UCAS, Endsleigh Insurance and the Office of the Independent Adjudicator.

Members of the Board of Governance:

Geoffrey Alderman

Professor Geoffrey Alderman is an internationally recognised authority in the fields of modern history and politics who holds two doctorates (DPhil and DLitt) from the University of Oxford. A prize-winning journalist, Professor Alderman was formerly Pro Vice-Chancellor at the Universities of London and Middlesex. He writes extensively on the management of quality and standards in further and higher education, and is a Visiting Fellow of the Oxford Centre for Higher Education Policy Studies.

David Douglas

David Douglas has joined Nelson College London as Head of Programme Delivery, in April 2016. Having a wealth of teaching experience at both Professional, Post Graduate and Undergraduate Levels, David has also spent much of his previous career in Educational and Small Business Management.​

Athiqul Islam

Athiqul Islam has a post graduate qualification in Strategic Management and Leadership. He has over 8 years’ experience of working at various levels in Higher Education sector. Currently he is a Director at Nelson College London.

Shiraj Islam

Shirajul Islam, BA Hons (Business Management), BTEC National (Business), is a Director of Nelson College London. He was the Marketing and Admission Manager for 6 years and has been the Head of Marketing for the last 2 years. Currently he is working with local schools; colleges and the council to provide practical work experience. He also helps youths locally and nationally via the BEP group and Scouts.

Aleksandra Osiniagova

Aleksandra Osiniagova, B.Sc Criminology with Psychology from London South Bank University, is working as a Head of Academic Services at Nelson College London. She has a very diverse management experience. She is actively involved with many private and public organisations for research in her field. Her first article ‘Drug use and crime: a common aetiology’ was published in a widely recognised journal.

Nazim Uddin

Nazim Uddin (FCCA, MBA, BSc, BBM) is a Director of Nelson College London. He is a fellow of Association of Chartered Certified Accountants and has a distinguished academic background. Nazim has spent five years as a lecturer at University of East London and is passionate about widening participation at FE and HE sector. He is committed to improving employability and enterprising skills among students from disadvantaged background. He received a gold medal from the president of Bangladesh in 2002 in recognition of his excellent academic achievement in MBA programme.

Dr Shorful Islam

Dr Shorful Islam is Co-founder & Managing Director at Stream Intelligence, a Data and Analytics consultancy, helping clients to solve business problems through the intelligent use of data and analytics. He has extensive knowledge in the area of data and analytics, having worked with many major brands, in helping them measure the effectiveness of their marketing activity and driving business change. Prior to founding Stream Intelligence, Shorful was Managing Partner, Data and Insights for Wunderman, Head of Data at DDB & Tribal DDB, and Head of Business Information and Customers Data Strategy at ITV. He has also worked across the NHS and Public Sector. Dr Shorful started his career as a lecturer after completing his PhD in Psychology, his dissertation focusing on predicting accidental injuries in children. He also has a B.Sc. in Psychology and a M.Sc. in Health Psychology.

Coral Hill

Coral initially worked as a litigator in private practice, before moving to The University of Law. The major part of her career has been developing distance learning and e learning materials for aspiring and qualified lawyers. Coral is an external governor for Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh, the academic advisor on the Development and Equality Committee and the e Learning Committee for the Judicial College, and sits on a board for the charity Career Ready UK.

Carl Stychin

Carl Stychin, BA (Alberta), JD (Toronto), LLM (Columbia), LLD (Reading), is Professor of Law at City, University of London, where he served as Dean of The City Law School (2012-18). He began his academic career at Keele University (Lecturer, 1992-96; Senior Lecturer, 1996-98) before moving to the University of Reading as a Professor of Law in 1998. During fourteen years at Reading, he served as Head of the School of Law, Dean of the Faculty of Economic and Social Sciences, and Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Enterprise). Professor Stychin is a Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences, a Lay Council Member of the General Chiropractic Council, Editor of Social & Legal Studies: An International Journal, and he is currently Chair of the Committee of Heads of University Law Schools (CHULS).

Sarah Ryan

Sarah Ryan has a BA in Economics from Duke University and an MBA with honours in Finance from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. She has a background in mergers & acquisitions, investment banking and corporate strategy and has worked in dozens of countries around the world. She consults to leading educational institutions in the US and the UK and manages a property portfolio.

NCLUK Board of Governance Register of Interests

NCLUK Board of Governance Register of Interests