Library and Learning Resource Centre

About Library

NCL is home to three libraries across the Ilford, Gants Hill and Broadstairs campuses. They offer a spacious and comfortable environment where students have access to a wide range of resources to support and enhance their studies. These include:

  • Books for loan, covering all study programmes
  • Various journals and newspapers such as The Financial Times
  • Study spaces
  • Desktop computers
  • Sofa for reflection, private discussions and reading for pleasure
  • Students also have access to the College’s Wi-Fi, making it convenient to use the internet for research purposes
  • Free printing facilities

The library is home to core and recommended textbooks for all programmes at the college. Additionally, it encourages students to become avid readers and as such, we stock several casual reading books. To borrow books from our libraries, your student ID card is required. If you accidentally misplace your student ID card, contact the admissions team for a replacement to be able to continue using the library and its resources in the college. 


Using the Library

The library is open to all students at the college; however, the academic board has made it mandatory for students to adhere to certain policies to protect and maintain the well-being of staff, students and the available resources at the library. Students who embark on unaccepted behaviors or deliberate misuse of resources will not be allowed to use the library. All mobile phones and other electronic gadgets must be switched off as it is a quiet study area. No food and drinks are allowed in the library. 

For further information regarding borrowing books from our libraries, kindly read our  Library Borrowing Policy

Study Manuals


To support your learning, our knowledgeable lecturers have researched and compiled handy manuals that give an overview of your course. Practice questions and case studies for each topic under each module with further reading lists and other sources are included for your academic research and completion of your coursework.  The manuals are available for access through your Virtual Learning Platform (VLE).


Virtual Learning Environment

NCL VLE (Moodle) platform allows students to access study materials and assignment briefs for each of their programmes.  Lecturers upload class slides and other resources, making them accessible for students to refer to.  In addition to programme and module information, students can submit their assessments and review lecturer feedback through the VLE platform. 

The VLE is an established dynamic resource hub to engage our students in accessing a wide range of resources, including PowerPoint presentations, documents, and worksheets. With direct links to the Microsoft Office 365 suite, students can access their student emails once signed in. Our VLE Officers provide access to the individual accounts and ongoing support and training.

Drop-In Sessions

We provide drop-in sessions for all students who wish to improve their IT skills and how to submit assignments on the VLE system.  Visit any of our libraries during working hours.

Research Materials

We are passionate about our students' success and quest to produce quality research for completion of their projects, assignments and general learning. We have put in place relevant links to some recognized academic sources which can help you find journals. 


Quick and useful links:



NCL e-Library:

Emerald Insight:

HN Global:


Need more Help?

The college is passionate about its students’ success; therefore, the Library and Learning Resources Centre is here to help you make the most out of your studies. We offer support and training in areas such as:

Using the VLE

Borrowing resources

Using the Microsoft 365 Suite


Referencing and plagiarism

Using sources and databases effectively

IT training (we offer booked appointments and drop-in sessions)

Team Members