About this site

The website you are currently viewing is developed and managed by Sitenet Tech, a reputable technology company renowned for crafting efficient digital solutions. The website's content is driven by a CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) platform, providing a dynamic and interactive user experience like CMS. It is hosted on a serverless infrastructure under Amazon Web Services (AWS), ensuring robust performance and scalability.

Project Management and Development Team
1. Project Manager: Md Ziaoul Hoque is overseeing the development of this website. His role encompasses planning, coordination, and ensuring that the project aligns with its intended objectives.

2. Full Stack Developer: As the lead developer, S M Mushfiqur Rahman holds responsibility for the technical aspects of the website. He is accountable for designing and implementing the site's architecture, ensuring its functionality and efficiency.

3. Full Stack Developer: Ashmita Riya, in her capacity as a developer, plays a substantial role in constructing and upholding the website. Her contributions are fundamental to the site's functionality and performance.

Development Team at Sitenet Tech
In addition to the central project management and development team, Sitenet Tech boasts a talented group of developers working collectively on this project. The team's combined expertise and dedication significantly contribute to the website's success. While the specific names of the developers may vary, their collective efforts are pivotal to the ongoing development and maintenance of the site.

This website aims to provide a seamless and captivating experience for visitors, while leveraging advanced technology and infrastructure to guarantee its performance and reliability. The combined efforts of the project manager, lead developer, core development team, and additional developers at Sitenet Tech are dedicated to maintaining and enhancing the site's functionality, ensuring its continued success.