LTEE Conference

The Learning, Teaching, Engagement and Enhancement conference (LTEEC) was a product of the recommendation from the Higher Education Review of Nelson College London, which took place in September 2017. It was recommended that “the College devise cross-College mechanisms for staff and students to come together to identify and share good practice to support the enhancement of learning opportunities”.

The LTEEC has become an annual platform for the College with the aims:

To provide a forum for staff and students to come together to identify and share good practices at a wider college level.
To identify areas for enhancement and to support the enhancement of learning opportunities.
The first LTTE Conference was held on the 3rd of July 2018 at the College’s Gants Hill campus.

The second edition of the LTTE conference was held on 13 July 2019 with the theme pedagogy and andragogy at the college’s Gants Hill campus with impressive participation across various stakeholders of the college including directors, senior managers, lecturers, support lecturers, students and inspiring speakers both internal and external. The theme ‘Andragogy and Pedagogy’ was chosen for the LTEE (2019) conference, as a part of NCL’s ongoing commitment to improve teaching and learning practices that are most suitable for mature students. The 2019 LTEEC created an interactive platform for all stakeholder to identify, discuss, evaluate and share best practices in Higher education. 

The onset of the COVID-19 Pandemic prohibited any physical Conference taking place on campus in this academic year. However, undeterred, the College created an alternative LTEEC Video Presentation. The focus is on the intensive Learning, Teaching, Engagement and Enhancement, carried out to get the College Online Teaching Ready, in just a few short weeks!

These measures illustrated the theme for this year’s conference: “Value for Money in Your Education,” coinciding with the recent publication of the “Augar Review of post-18 Education and Funding” and the release of Nelson College London’s “Value for Money Statement”.

Please Note: All presenters recorded their segments during lockdown, using their own Mobile Phones, Desk- Tops, Laptops or Tablets.

LTEEC Programme 2020