Fee Structure

1. Fee structure:

Year 1: Higher National Diploma courses £9,000.00
Year 2: Higher National Diploma courses £9,000.00
Year 1: Foundation Degree courses £9,000.00
Year 2: Foundation Degree courses £9,000.00
BA (Hons) Top-up courses £9,000.00
MA International Business (Management) £5,000.00
MA International Business (Hospitality) £5,000.00

2. If you accept an offer, you agree to pay all course fees (and other related costs and expenses), as and when they fall due, in accordance with the payment terms agreed by you and us. If you fail to pay your course fees, as and when they fall due, we reserve the right to withdraw you from your course (without liability to you).

3. The College reserves the right to increase course fees annually in line with the Retail Prices Index to take account of the College’s increased costs of delivering educational services. If the College intends to increase your course fees it will notify you of this as soon as reasonably practicable.

4. Once you accept the conditional/unconditional offer letter and enrol with the College, you will be responsible for paying the total tuition fees even if you rely on any form of student loans or sponsorship. You will be personally liable to pay your course fees if a sponsoring authority or Student loan company fails to do so.

5. In the event that your course fees have not been paid in full by their due date, the College shall be entitled, but not bound to, refuse to permit you to continue on your course of study and terminate the Contract (without incurring any liability to you).

6. The College reserves the right not to refund any fee paid after enrolment with the College. Any refund of tuition fees and or reduction in tuition fee liability is at the discretion of Nelson College London.

The Costs:

As well as the College tuition fees, you may need to pay extra costs for your course. These can cover things like field trips, IT equipment, Internet connection, books, stationery, printing and some additional optional costs. For courses that rely on online or blended learning delivery (as wells as during the Covid19 restrictions), the College will require potential students to use IT equipment and have access to reliable and high-speed Internet connection. These costs are not included in the tuition fees.

Please visit Student Finance UK if you require any financial support

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