Career Dose 11: The Power of Patience

By Md Ziaoul Hoque

Patience isn’t just a virtue, it’s also a valuable skill that will help you succeed throughout your career journey. Being patient can help you set goals, collaborate more effectively with co-workers and overcome career obstacles.

Patience has endless benefits, from making you a better team player to being more successful. The more you practice patience, the easier it becomes.

How can patience benefit your career?

  • Achieving your goals: One of the most important benefits of patience in your career is that it allows you to achieve your goals. Facing and overcoming obstacles builds endurance and confidence. Most importance of all, you are reinforcing positive behaviour.
  • Learning valuable skills/experience: Patience gives you the tenacity to learn difficult skills. When you approach challenging tasks with a strategy, they can be easier to overcome, as well as rewarding. Patience can help you to maintain the positive mindset you need for personal improvement.
  • Helping others reach their goals:  When you are patient with other people, you allow them room to learn and grow. This results in students, employees and co-workers who are patient with themselves. This, in turn, will contribute to a healthy environment.
  • Encouraging collaboration: Working with a team involves listening to others’ ideas and suggestions and respecting their workflow. Patience will make working with others vastly more enjoyable and fluid. Problem-solving becomes a more efficient process when you work well together; understanding other people’s perspectives and work rhythms will give you the thoughtfulness to recognise when a colleague might need support.

Being mindful of patience can give you a positive growth mindset which will allow you to take action and to achieve greater success. Skills, relationships, and knowledge can all be further enhanced by harnessing this habit.

Azeezunnisa (Farah) Maiz

Administrative Executive, Nelson College London