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Nelson College London is an independent college which welcomes students from the UK and EU. The College is recognised as Highly Trusted by the UK Home Office. Our students are from all walks of life and diverse backgrounds, bringing a friendly atmosphere with them. Student life at Nelson College London is more than studying hard, writing assignments and taking exams; it is also about socialising and communicating, making contacts, meeting interesting people and forming lasting friendships. Nelson College London caters for needs of a diverse range of students. Majority of the students belong to age range of 18-45 years, and they come from Asian and African backgrounds mainly. As far as the gender-wise distribution of students is concerned, there is equal proportion of male and female students in the College. Nelson College London has a supportive and collegial community which aims to nurture the educational, personal, social and cultural growth of its members. Nelson College London offers its students an educational experience which is shaped by commitment, enthusiasm, discipline, effectiveness, insight and creativity: an educational experience which can withstand the demands of the contemporary world. Download Higher Education Access and Participation Statement January 2017