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A warm welcome back to all our staff and students, we hope you had a restful and enjoyable   summer and are ready for the new term ahead. The College has been working hard throughout the summer, preparing for the return of students and to make this the best year yet! There are many exciting new developments which we are proud to announce, so make sure you are keeping up to date with everything by regularly checking VLE and by visiting the College website at

With the end of student recruitment, and the anticipation of the beginning of term, the Student Induction event during the 11th-14th of September was an exciting first interacting with our new students. These informative sessions are built to relay vital information to students about the College and their Programmes/Courses, including the relevant Policies and Procedures (which can be found on the College website) and Programme/Course content. Students also had an opportunity to familiarise themselves with their staff and faculty, with whom they will be communicating with throughout their time at Nelson College London.

Newsletter October 2017

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