Albena Dimitrova
HND Hospitality Management Student (917)

Albena Dimitrova

(HND Hospitality Management Student - 917)


My name is Albena Dimitrova, and I finished my study in the BA (Hons) Hospitality Management program at Nelson College London. I am beginning my studies at NCL in September 2017, studying for an HND in Hospitality Management. Having completed in June 2019, and I applied to continue the third year of study on the Top-up program, which I completed successfully.

I am happy to share I will continue my education at Nelson College, which became partners with Metropolitan University last year. I'm joining the MA program International Business (Hospitality). It was a great decision that I meant to join this program, and it is a big challenge for me. I am working in the hospitality industry; this program also allows me to be writing a Research project about my company.

My teachers are just excellent; all have a Master or Doctor Diploma, very knowledgeable, experienced, and helpful people.

The College also allowed me to become involved (and have a voice) in the management of my course as I am (and have been) a Student Representative and will enable me to be part of most key Committee Meetings at the College, which has provided great insight into haw a successful College in run”.

I want to take this opportunity to thank you for being my guide and mentor as I learn how to become a professional educator. I can improve my classroom management strategies and proper lesson planning skills to ensure that the students benefit the most from my lessons. From the first day in the field, you made me feel comfortable and accepted, telling me that I was a teacher and treated like one. I appreciate the respect you have for me and thank you for making the students in your first-grade classroom equally respect me as they respect you.

                As I am sure you remember, I was very nervous teaching my first lesson, but you helped me battle through it, taking the lead when I stumbled or when I looked to you for guidance and help. Because of your calm, controlled, and collected demeanour, I realized I had to be more prepared for my lessons if I wanted to succeed as a teacher.


                                                                             Thank you!