Employability and Network Platform

Network platforms such BNI (Business Network International) involve NCL attending a weekly meeting to network with new and existing businesses within and around the vicinity. This income generating strategy helps us in developing new links to acquire quality students and employment opportunities for our students. It also gives us access to employment opportunities from those businesses for our students.

Employability Board: This would consist of job vacancies, essential day-to-day services from different businesses for staff and students that would be interested in them, students’ requests or enquiries.

Redbridge Chamber of Commerce is a meeting we attend once a month where local businesses come together and discuss the potential impact of governmental regulation on businesses. In addition we also discuss best practices to prevent those laws having any adverse effect on our business.

The employability officers on both campuses are constantly on the lookout for job opportunities for our students to enable them to become proactive and not reactive to the ever changing labour market.

By helping the students to acquire more experiences through the work the employability officers make available for them it gives them an edge, after completing their education with Nelson College London.

We are working with Net2work and work-ready graduates/schools to help our students develop their skills through tutorials, setting up professional profiles that would attract employers and also give them direct access to employers from different industries e.g. Business, Hospitality, Health, Engineering etc.

We have also opened our doors to National Careers Services in order to assist our students to further develop their IT skills, support CV writing, enable confidence building, and identify their strengths and matching them to the appropriate industries where they would thrive.


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