Nelson College London is here to help build an appropriate working and learning environment for its students. In addition to being provided with good learning experiences, students are given the opportunity to develop personal and social skills and derive broader benefits from their college experience.


Nelson College London values:

  • The quality of the learning experience it provides, offering education that caters for the individual needs of its students.
  • Support for students both professionally and personally as they progress with their studies at the College.
  • Creativity: engaging students and teachers in reflective thinking, innovation, originality and self-expression.
  • The development of independent learning skills, making learning enjoyable as well as meaningful, stimulating and challenging.
  • The celebration of its achievements through the success of its students.
  • Diversity, achieved through inclusiveness.
  • The continual professional development of all members of staff.
  • The partnership between staff, students, non-executives, directors and shareholders.

Strategic Priorities

The College envisages seven priority areas informing its development in the period to 2020-25: 

  • Widen opportunities for higher education to students who have the ability and desire to complete the courses offered by the College (Access).
  • Bring about innovation in its learning and teaching so that the education it provides inclusive learning, remains career-focused and well-matched to the context and backgrounds of its students, including the provision of carefully researched new courses of study (Teaching and Learning) – Student Success Strategy.
  • Provide a high-quality student experience that facilitates students’ achievement and progression (Student Experience).
  • Provide guidance and opportunities to students by broadening knowledge to prepare them for their future lives and careers (Student Progression) – Student Employability Strategy
  • Develop the capacity, professionalism and pedagogic responsiveness of its entire staff (Staff).
  • Provide financial resources necessary to sustain the student experience and for long-term viability (Finance).
  • Inspire confidence in its governance and accountability arrangements (Governance).

Please click here to download Strategic Plan 2020 – 2025