Policies and Procedures List:

  1. Assessment and Feedback Strategies and Formative Assessment Toolkit
  2. Assessment Decision Review Request Policy
  3. Assessment Policy
  4. Blended Learning Procedures
  5. Code of Practice on Freedom of Speech within Nelson College London
  6. Complaints on Admissions & Appeal Against Admissions Decision Policy
  7. Conflicts of Interest Policy
  8. Dealing with the Media
  9. Documentation Retention & Archiving Policy
  10. Employability and Work Placement Policy
  11. Enhancement Strategy
  12. Environmental Policy
  13. Equality and Diversity Policy
  14. Extenuating Mitigating Circumstances Policy and Procedures
  15. Harassment & Sexual Misconduct- Reporting Process for Students, Staff & Visitors
  16. Harassment and Sexual Misconduct- Code of Conduct for Students, Staff and Visitors
  17. Health and Safety Policy
  18. IT Acceptable Use Policy and e-Safety Procedures
  19. Management of Public Information (Including Social Media)
  20. Open Door Policy
  21. Periodic (Quinquennial) Review of Programmes
  22. Personal Tutoring and Student Support Policy and Procedures
  23. Policy and Guidance on Intermission
  24. Policy and Procedure on Document Versioning and Tracking
  25. Policy on Funding and Acquisition of Learning Resources
  26. Policy on Recognition of Prior Learning
  27. Policy on relationships between employees and between employees and students
  28. Prevent Strategy
  29. Procedure for Dealing with External Reports relating to Academic Quality and Standards
  30. Programme Design and Approval Policy
  31. Recruitment, Admission and Selection Policy
  32. Recruitment, Admission and Selection Procedures
  33. Safeguarding Policy
  34. Student Attendance and Progression Policy
  35. Student Complaints Policy and Procedures
  36. Student Engagement Policy
  37. Student Welfare and Pastoral Care Support Policy 
  38. Suspension and Termination of Students for Disciplinary Reasons
  39. Teaching and Learning Strategy and Policy


  1. Assessment Decision Review Request Form
  2. Bursary Package Application Form
  3. Bursary Package Continuation Form
  4. Hardship Fund Application Form 
  5. Extenuating Mitigating Circumstances Form
  6. Harassment and Sexual Misconduct Anonymous Reporting Form
  7. Harassment and Sexual Misconduct Concern Form
  8. Harassment and Sexual Misconduct Reporting Form
  9. Micro-Research Project Funding Application Form
  10. Micro-Research Project Funding Application Guidance
  11. Request for Intermission Form
  12. Research Publication Application Form
  13. Research Publication Guidance for Staff and Students
  14. Safeguarding Concern Reporting Form
  15. Scholarship Application Form